Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Purple Cow Antiques

What I sell and why.....

Welcome to Purple Cow Antiques blog, where we want to share our story of why we are at, and a little about ourselves and our stores. I am known as kcarnahan2006 (PurpleCowAntiques), purplecowgal (PageTurners), and Tucker (TuckersThriftandGift

If you are lucky enough to remember your grandmother's kitchen and home you have seen many of the wonderful nostalgic things sold today to collectors. The Purple Cow carries inventory that is truly antique (over 100 years old), genuine vintage items from the 20th century, and collectibles that appeal because of their charm or nostalgia. We have elegant, depression and early American pressed glass, pottery, and so many vintage items I can't list them here.

If you ever read (or devoured!) a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery clear through as soon as you got it as a young reader you know the passion for reading these juvenile series books instilled in young persons from the 1930's to today. One of my fondest childhood memories was mail ordering my next Nancy Drew from Grosset & Dunlap, finding it in the mailbox when I got off the school bus and spending an hour walking the long ranch driveway home while I read. Then I had to wait a whole month for my next allowance. Such suspense. Well, now you can find those same titles at PageTurners, along with many other childhood favorites. PageTurners also
sells vintage and newer adult fiction and some nice contemporary books.

Of course, as I shopped for antiques and collectibles I would find great newer items that were too nice and well priced to pass up. So TuckersThriftandGift was born. Why Tuckers? I had to give my best friend and shop companion some credit too :).

Come and see us on, where the sellers and owners are a cheerful,
professional and helpful group, and where "everybody knows your name".

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